The Satisfaction of the Scoop

“I saw Recoup BEAUTISCOOP advertised in Real Simple magazine. I bought three sets: one for myself, one for my daughter-in-law (who literally squealed with delight when I gave them to her), and one set for a friend. Here are some of the things I’m already impressed with: the attractiveness of the scoops (they just look cool!), the ease of opening the package (I didn’t have to get my husband’s wire cutters to open it), the fact that the packaging is recyclable, and that they arrived so quickly. Great service. Also I want you to know that I enjoyed watching your little video. I laughed at the part about banging bottles on the counter to get to the stuff inside. Very familiar! Good luck in your business. You’ve won me over as a fan!”
– Peggy Mohr


“Genius! A beauty break-though that every woman needs! Saves time and money and it PAYS for ITSELF over and over.”
– Amy Bartlett, ULTA, Lake in the Hills & Algonquin, IL


“Finally! an easy, effective way to reach every bit! Fun to use. Perfect Gift for any gal! Customers walk out with SEVERAL!”
– Mallory Baker, Marriott Resort & Spa, Marco Island, FL


“My two daughters and I have been using the Recoup BEAUTISCOOP for more than a year! My girls love a variety of shampoos, makeup and other supplies, some of which are expensive! I am sure we have saved a lot of money by now being able to get every last drop with our scoops! I keep the big one in the shower and the mini helps get the last of that precious Kylie lip kit! The Recoup BEAUTISCOOP is a must!”
– Amy Cosler, Chicago, IL and Cary, IL


“I love my Recoup BEAUTISCOOP! Use it all of the time and estimate I save 5% on cost of lotions, makeup, shampoo, certain kitchen goods as well! They make great gifts too! It feels so good to be thrifty!”
– Carol Groeber, Aurora, IL


“Getting every last of my shampoo and conditioner is so satisfying! I can’t believe how much I used to waste! Thanks Recoup BEAUTISCOOP!!”
– Lindsay Coats, Gilberts, IL


“I am very happy with my Recoup BEAUTISCOOPS! I have used mine for body lotion to lipstick, 2 different types of containers but of course BEAUTISCOOP has that covered with all different sizes of scoops. Amazing how much longer I can make a product last by using the scoops! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to save $$$!”
– Mary Sherman, Hilton Head Island, SC


“I love my Recoup BEAUTISCOOP. It gets every drop of the product out. Most importantly it has a bigger purpose by supporting such an important ministry. A great beauty tool with a great purpose.”
– Ilona Porebski, Cary, IL


“I enjoy using the Recoup BEAUTISCOOP because I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of the beauty products I buy by using ALL of the product and not leaving any product in the bottle”
– Mary Gast, Waterloo, IA


“As a Salon Owner and Hair Stylist, I would highly recommend Recoup BEAUTISCOOP! We carried this product during the Holidays of 2015. The product was very popular for gifts for the kitchen as well as beauty and hair products. Customers bought several as gifts. We have used this product in our salon to get every last bit of Shampoos, Conditioners and many styling products. We have been very pleased to carry this well-designed, useful & very practical product!”
– Dawn Wittmeyer, Lake Zurich, IL


“Having a large family, I seem to always buy things in bulk. Bulk shampoo, bulk lotion, bulk everything! Over the years, I’ve cringed at the large bottles I seem to throw away KNOWING there was still product sitting at the bottom of my containers that I was never getting to! But, who has the time or effort to turn them upside down and shake and HOPE you get the remaining ingredients out!? Well that all changed when I found the Recoup BEAUTISCOOP. No more waste, no more squeezing and shaking, or even cutting containers in half (I’ve done it….) I now know that every last drop will be used, and money will not be wasted! Thank you, Recoup BEAUTISCOOP – You’ve not only saved me money, you’ve saved my sanity as well!”
– Carrie Raeside, Cary, IL